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Treadmills - Buying Guide

1. What is a treadmill?
2. Which is better, a treadmill better or an elliptical trainer?
3. What are the advantages of a treadmill over walking?
4. What are the recommended steps to use a treadmill?
5. How do I find the right treadmill for me??

What is a treadmill?
Treadmill is an exercise fitness equipment that allows running or walking indoors, while staying in one place. A treadmill is a motor driven conveyor belt. The speed and elevation (angle) of a treadmill can be adjusted to increase or decrease resistance varying the difficulty of the exercise


Which is better, a treadmill better or an elliptical trainer?
Both treadmills and elliptical trainers allow you to perform aerobic or cardio vascular exercise. This type of exercise raises your heart rate and allows you to burn calories ensuring weight loss. Elliptical machines provide a total body workout as they come with handles and arms to enhance upper body workout as well. On the other hand, treadmills are used specifically for running and walking. Choose between the two based on your specific needs. eFITology offers free fitness consultancy so you can get personalized recommendation on which of the two may be better for you based on your specific needs.


What are the advantages of a treadmill over walking?
Advantages to exercising with a treadmill are:

Lower Impact
Running and walking outdoors are high impact exercises, meaning they place strain on your ankles, knees, hips and back. Treadmills offer a lower impact option to running or walking outdoors.

Available 24/7
Because they are indoor machines, treadmills can be used year round, and at any time of day or night. Many people prefer this option for exercise in winter months.

Configurable Workout
Treadmills allow you to vary the speed and elevation of your exercise by pushing a button.

Workout Monitoring
Treadmills allow you to monitor heart rate, calories burned and the distance you run or walk.

Progress Tracking
If you are a dedicated runner, treadmills allow you to chart your distance, speed and heart rate while exercising.

Controlled Workout
Treadmills are a good option for people who are recovering from injury as they allow you to control the pace and angle of your exercise.


What are the recommended steps to use a treadmill?
To use a treadmill, follow the following steps:

Read The Instructions
First read the instructions that come with your treadmill before using the machine. This allows you to become familiar with the settings, programs and display information of your treadmill, especially how to increase or decrease speed and how to stop the machine.

How To Step On The Treadmill
Step onto the side-rails of the treadmill, turn on the machine. We recommend a low speed to start with.

Adjusting The Speed
Once treadmill belt is moving step onto the belt then you can adjust speed to you desire workout. Slowly increase the speed till you are walking at a comfortable but slightly challenging pace. If you are walking for exercise then stay at this pace, increasing the speed and the angle to keep your exercise challenging or till you have reached your target heart rate. If you are running then slowly increase the speed until you are able to run at a comfortable pace, or until you have reached your target heart rate.

Adjusting The Elevation For More Challenge
Increase the elevation to create more resistance as you exercise. This allows you greater cardio benefit and works the muscles more efficiently than running on a flat surface. Remember, if you need to take a break, or stop quickly you can use the pause or emergency stop button on the treadmill.

The Correct Posture: Keep Your Back Straight & Head Up
Keep your head up and your back straight as you exercise. Do not look down at your feet, but straight ahead as if you were exercising out doors.

How To Stop The Treadmill
When you have completed your exercise, do not stop all of a sudden. Start by slowing the speed of the treadmill down till you are a walking pace. Then slowly decrease the elevation to zero. One you are down to walking pace, slow the speed again to a full stop.


How do I find the right treadmill for me?
Taking some time to do your homework before you buy your treadmill will ensure the right machine for you. Here are some simple tips to consider to find the right treadmill
  • Price & Brand: Besides a treadmill that fits your budget, always look for a treadmill that is well built and from a respected manufacturer of exercise equipment. Treadmills by reputed brands are generally comfortable, good quality and have an acceptable noise level.
  • Sturdiness: As a general rule, the higher end treadmills are sturdier, with solid steel construction and have more powerful motors.
  • Foldable: Some treadmills can fold, this allow you to save space in small areas
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: If you are concerned about exercising at peak heart rate levels, consider a treadmill with a built in heart rate sensor or one which can be used with an external sensor like the Polar meters.
  • Warranty: Choose a machine by a good manufacturer where maintenance is low. Also check for “In Home Service Warranty” and it's duration as a part of your purchase. All machines sold through carry a warranty.
  • Exercise Options & Features: What kind of exerciser are you and what features do you need? Do you just exercise for a period of time or do you like to use pre-programmed exercises? Mid range and higher end treadmills offer more options and programming features to choose from than entry-level models.
Important Tip: Call 1-866-570-0470 for our free fitness consultant to get personalized recommendations on which treadmill is right for your needs. The key to a successful fitness routine is the routine part, so choose a machine that you’ll enjoy exercising with.

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