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5 Impressive Ways to Exercise and Generate Energy

Written by eFITology Staff on Tue, Aug 11th 2009 at 11:08 pm

When sweating on your exercise bike, have you ever questioned yourself how many watts you are generating right now? Is there any way to use this energy to power your laptop or charge your cell phone?

Well, the truth is, it is really possible to benefit from that energy – all you need is a bike generator that will help you get green by saving electricity and will give you another reason to exercise!


Bike Generators

The Pedal Generator designed by David Butcher charges batteries, that run an inverter, that produces 110v AC, that powers lights, the monitor on my computer, and many other small battery-powered things. It is the most inspiring workout you can imagine:

Pedal Powered Generator


A few more instructions on creating a bike generator:

  • BikeGen (a small power generator, mounted to a bike, that recharges two AA batteries while you ride);
  • Powerbike (a solar system booster during the cloudy days)
  • DC bicycle pedal generator (free plans and instructions)


Cycling Cinema

The participants set up a tent with a platform for the bikes, a central console for managing the power generation, a projector and a pair of speakers. And here you go: if you want to watch a movie, go ahead and generate some power for that!

Cycling Cinema

Cycling Cinema

Images via Flickr set


Cyclean Machine

Cyclean is the pedal powered washing machine created by Alex Gadsden. A washing machine is eco friendly and also helps you get fit. According to the inventor, it took about twenty weeks to create it but all in all it is not that hard to do that. All you need is: (1) an old washing machine to strip down – just the drum and shocks, (2) a frame for the machine to sit on, (3) a universal joint which connects to the back of the machine which is attached to a wheelbarrow wheel.




One more pedal-powered washing machine (via The Human Powered Home):

Bike Washing Machine


And here’s also a video demonstrating a pedal-powered washing machine at work:


Pedal-Powered Laptop

Pedal-powered laptop desk: work AND get fit. A must-have for all Internet addicts: now you can save on electricity by using your exercise bike to power your laptop.

Pedal Laptop Desk


Here are more photos:

Pedal Laptop Desk

Pedal Laptop Desk


Bike iPod and Cell Phone Charger

Two reasons why do you need it: first, you charge your phone without electricity from a power plant, obviously, because you are creating electricity by riding; secondly, it gives you a reason to ride to wherever you want to go, reducing your carbon footprint drastically. Well, actually three reasons: third, it is free to create, here’s a detailed instruction with photos.

Cell Phone Charger


More Bike-Powered Devices:

Pedal powered blender (designed by Maya Pedal organization (pdf)):

Bike Blender


Bike-powered apple grinder

Bike Apple Grinder


Bike-Powered Christmas Tree

Bike Christmas Trees


Human Powered Electric Blanket


At last: Human-powered gym:
The Green Microgym is one of the only fitness facilities in the world running on some of its own power”

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