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7 Tactics For A Safe Treadmill WorkOut

Written by eFITology Staff on Sat, Aug 1st 2009 at 8:26 am

7 Tactics For A Safe Treadmill WorkOutThere may not be anybody to witness your embarrassment if you stumble off the treadmill, but you could hurt yourself badly if the treadmill spits you out or throws you off the belt. Follow the tips below to conquer the treadmill and have a safe treadmill workout.

Safe Treadmill WorkOut Tips

  1. Clothing clear of the Belt – do not let your pants hang over your shoes as they will lead to tripping. Tying a shirt around your waist may slip down or letting your sweat towel drop on the belt will cause obstruction and increase the danger of falling. Rather stop the treadmill workout by putting your feet on the sides of the treadmill (the stationary part) if you want water or a quick wipe down.
  2. Shoes safe – double knot shoe laces and make sure that shoes are securely tied as laces tend to come loose without the wearer noticing and it could get caught in the sides of the treadmill or under the runner’s feet. Wear running shoes that are supportive and made for the activity and you will be more stable.
  3. Beginners should hold the rails – exercising on the treadmill is not the same as walking on the street or in the country and the moving belt could induce dizziness or confusion to the novice. The movement, balance and co-ordination is not as easy as it looks! It is best to hold onto the stationary sides of the treadmill lightly (not hang on for your life) while getting used to the foot movement.
  4. Start Slowly – warm up before breaking into the run and seeing how fast the treadmill can really move. Getting mobility in the working muscles will help with endurance and confidence on the treadmill. You will also be able to exercise for longer once you get used to a specific speed.
  5. Increase speed and resistance carefully – do not keep your hand on the consul or the speed dials as it often increases faster than you would like. If you are nervous to increase speed, stop moving and put your feet on the sides and then hold the rails as you get back on the belt.
  6. Concentrate during the treadmill workout – do not look around during your treadmill workout and try to keep your head neutral. Looking down is only accepted when you are checking your gait to see you foot placing. Running in front of a mirror can help to examine your gait and posture instead of placing stress on the neck muscles by looking down.
  7. Cushioning the Fall – consider worst case scenario and consider the freak accident when there could be a power failure or concentration failure and you fall off the treadmill. Make sure that the treadmill is not directly in front of a wall or a window or other obstacles that could be dangerous.

Good luck staying on the treadmill and make sure the treadmill has stopped completely before getting off.  It may look funny when people in the gym fall of, but it hurts and can hamper future workouts physically and psychologically.  Have a safe treadmill workout.

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