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As of 2011 eFITology is no longer accepting online orders and is not operating.

FREE 1 Year In-Home Warranty

Get peace of mind with our FREE in-home service warranty!

Warranty Certificate Get effortless professional service on your equipment without additional cost. Have complete peace of mind as we’ll cover your equipment with warranty for free!
We care about the happiness and well-being of all our customers so we would never put you through service or repair issues. Instead, we offer a FREE year long warranty for all products and parts that you purchase from us that include a manufacturer’s in-home labor warranty. That means FREE and timely services in the comfort of your own home. Any parts needed to repair your equipment will also be provided free of charge so you can really enjoy exactly what you paid for minus the hassle!

A Factory Certified Professional Technician will come to your home to service any issues with your product covered under warranty at NO cost to you. If within this time parts are required, we will ship replacement parts to you for FREE. Should labor be required to change a part, you will receive FREE in-home service to replace the defective part. Rarely, a product may require more than one service call to resolve a service matter. On these occasions, it may be deemed necessary by the manufacturer to replace the product at no charge to you, including FREE shipping and pick-up of your first purchase. Service related issues do not qualify your product for a refund.

12 Month Warranty Some products have greater than one year labor warranty coverage (see warranty document that comes with product for specific coverage). If you would like additional coverage, you may purchase an extended warranty for additional on-site labor for most products on our site at a very reasonable cost when placing your order.

Standard manufacturers warranty and any added warranty coverage is non-transferable and is valid for the original owner only. All warranties are contingent upon parts and/or products being available from the manufacturer. Certified pre-owned equipment come with a limited warranty and varies on individual products. Your pre-owned warranty coverage will be stated on your invoice. Home gym manufacturers are the exception to labor coverage. If a replacement part is required, the stated manufacturer part warranty will provide parts and you can simply install the part or call a local service provider who can perform in home service at your expense.

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Thank you for always patiently answering my questions. I am so happy with my purchase!

- Maria Rivera, Huntington Beach, CA

Perfect product - Perfect in time delivery

- Jon Coe

You guys have the best price & best delivery!

-Christine Kustos, Florida

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